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Guest replied 4 years ago, re: Sara's Version 5 from 4 years ago

I'm the outlier on this page, I guess. I prefer this version. I assume the site will be resposive, so in a mobile device or a smaller desktop browser window I'll assume the left navigation will slide under the main article. (I know, I know, assumptions...) But I hate being presented with a giant page of text when visiting sites on my desktop and/or having to scroll to leave. I want to see all my options at once.

Guest replied 4 years ago, re: Sara's Version 5 from 4 years ago

I like the "Read time" beneath the title for both single versions. It's a little hard to choose between this version and version one as they both have pros/cons. The pros of version 1 is it focuses on the article and is simple. The pros of version 2 is you don't have to scroll to the bottom of the article to find related information. There are times when I'm searching for something specific and am using the "related" areas to narrow down what I need versus the article itself. So having to scroll down for it every time can be painful so I'd vote for the sidebar here so long as it's kept simple and isn't distracting from the article design-wise.

What I liked about version 1 though is the "thumbs up/thumbs down" area was right under the article. I don't think it should be moved to the sidebar here as it feels disconnected from the article. Having it at the end of the article keeps the users eyes on their original path from reading rather than having to stray left to rate the article. I'd say putting it above the tags would work.


Stephanie replied 4 years ago, re: Stephanie's Version 6 from 4 years ago

Final change: moved the Thumbs Up/Down underneath the tags.

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